Anyone having issues with FreePBX 14/SRTP/core dumps?

hi, i have a FreePBX install that has been in production for about 2 weeks, we have had some asterisk core dumps. I have a ticket opened with them and they are starting to focus in on libsrtp as the possible problem. i have about 95 extensions and most are pjsip - sip/tls and srtp.

the libsrtp provided with freepbx distro is 1.4.4, this seems a little old. I was wondering, first, is that something that sangoma bundles with the distro or does that come with the OS?

also, is anyone else experiencing core dumps under similar circumstances?


That comes from redhat

andrew, thanks, if they tell me I need a more current version, whats the best way to get a newer version?

You will have to compile it yourself by hand, this can cause all sorts of other issues with system stability, however, if they say they need a more current version then they have a big problem on their hands because they test exclusively on Redhat and Centos and therefore they’d be using the same libsrtp version.

ok, ug, well, i guess i will wait and see what they say. i am expecting more core dumps, my customer will not be happy.

andrew, could you please do me a favor and take a look at

they are saying that 1.44 is very old and fedora has packaged 1.5.4 for a while, they think this is the issue

Fedora is before RedHat its like the bleeding edge version of RedHat

Fedora is the upstream source of the commercial Red Hat Enterprise Linux distribution

Fedora => RedHat => CentOS.

1.44 is the standard CentOS package.

George asked you to compile srtp yourself and then compile asterisk and see if that fixes the issue. He did not say it will fix the issue and I dont think we should be doing that without seeing that it does fix the issue. In fact he never even said the word ‘fix’

andrew, i am in a real bind here. the version of libsrtp may be having a real negative impact on my install. I understand he did not say it would fix my issue, but that is what he is leaning towards. I am providing more detailed logs shortly.

If i do need to compile asterisk, what is the best way to go about that? can you point me in the right direction? should i install a new os (centos?) and build asterisk on that, should i build it on my distro? i would really appreciate some guidance,


I understand that but I hope that you also understand that we will not just go out and Recompile the base RPMs from Redhat that have worked for hundreds of thousands of other systems to simply test a theory. This is why George asked you to do the compile and never said it was a fix.

You can build Asterisk on top of the distro but I really can’t give you more guidance than is on our wikis

andrew, it took me all day, but i was finally able to compile asterisk13/pjsip2.6/libsrtp1.60 on the freepbx 14 box i had set up as test

pbxtest*CLI> core show version
Asterisk 13.17.0 built by root @ on a x86_64 running Linux on 2017-08-08 00:35:51 UTC

i did not need to reconfig, it had the configs from before, i was able to connect the 2 phones and resuming a held call did NOT cause an core dump.

what can I give you to help move a newer version of libsrtp up in the distro?


I will check internally. This will not be a quick result and will only be on sng7

Also we don’t use pjsip separately we use the bundled version with asterisk.

andrew, i don’t think i have any problem with the pjsip (2.6) that comes with asterisk, and i am on sng7 so, i am cool with that.
thanks, please let me know as soon as you hear something.

Hi @tonyg

My advice here is to definitely follow up on the ticket you have open with Digium, as if there is something Digium can do that would be more optimal, given the community and the various configurations that are being used. Also can you please ensure we have a ticket filed against our distro at so that it’s in our ticketing system (and gives us something to action against) and can you please link to the Digium ticket somewhere in it?

brian, as there is sensitive information here, would it be ok if i message you privately?


@tonyg Open a ticket at and don’t put anything sensitive in it. Then private message me the ticket number and I can lock it down and you can add any additional information.