Anyone have a TLS trunk provider?

In another thread I discuss the struggle with getting a Telnyx TLS trunk working properly has proven to be difficult. Telnyx asserts the issue is a FreePBX/Asterisk problem, and proponents here insist the issue is with Telnyx.

The issue: Calls between an external number and an internal extension do not end the call properly if the internal extension hangs up first. The external handset calling in from an external number never automatically hangs up, and you must hang up the external handset manually. The external handset will remain connected to the external provider indefinitely or until a timeout occurs.

Does anyone have TLS trunk working with any provider? With “Verify Server” enabled?

I have confirmed these two services do not work;
Telnyx - TLS experiences The issue when “Verify Server” is enabled
Twilio - TLS experiences The issue when “Verify Server” enabled

Perhaps TLS trunks don’t work in Asterisk/Freepbx when “Verify Server” is enabled?