Anyone get a free fax to email setup configured?

As the subject states, does anyone successfully been able to get fax to email setup on their Asterisk box, without having to pay extra for the service?

What I am trying to achieve, is outsider faxes client DID, it goes to distribution group email. which will then email everyone is said department.

The user in that department, opens up a program or which ever, attachs the file to fax outbound to, enters the information and then sends it. It crosses the sip trunk and to the receiving fax device outside.

Is that doable… for free?

I really don’t understand exactly what you want to do but anything fax related can be achieved with avantfax. You can install it in the same machine with your freepbx and have all the functionality that you want.

Sorry. Let me try this… haha


Tim at Tim Hortons users centrex/POTs with dreaded AT&T service and wants to fax Suzi at City Hall (who uses Asterisk/FreePBX)

Suzi wants to receive the fax from Tim into her inbox of email

Once Suzi completes her edits, she opens a program or whatever, enters Tim’s fax number , attaches the file, then presses send.

Tim at Tim Hortons, should receive the fax from Suzi at City Hall.

(of course, they could just scan and email it, but some state/federal and other agencies such as huge insurance and financial institutions are still stuck on the old fax technology, so email is not preferred method of sending/receiving information. Which I absolutely hate. )

To receive fax and send it to email is something that FreePBX can do.
Now if you want your user to send a fax through the FreePBX I am not sure how freepbx can do it.
You can do it for sure with Hylafax and Winprint Reload.
Winprint reloaded is a Windows client for Hylafax that installs a virtual printer in the users machine and when he wants to send fax, simply chooses the specific printer, a popup appears that the user puts the number were the fax must go and presses send.

If you don’t find how to do it with FreePBX then install Avantfax, it will install hylafax and any related software plus the avantfax web interface that you can configure the hylafax service as you please.

I will give Avantfax a try. Sounds like the easiest solution for non-tech savvy people.

Thanks ast. Much appreciated.

Not Free, but super inexpensive is the Fax Pro module, which allows users to send faxes from the User Control Panel, and also Zulu, which allows users to send faxes from a desktop client.