Anyone fancy helping a newbie troubleshoot? - Remote extensions for VPS

Hi all,

I am a newbie, but not completely thick. Having said that, i’m having some trouble trying to set up a remote extension for my newly installed FreePBX, which i’ve placed on a cloud VPS.

I’ve done this successfully with an AsteriskNow box at home, but I really can’t figure out where I’m going wrong.

I can administer the box via http as i’ve allowed my IP address in via iptables. I’ve opened up all relevant ports for SIP as well.

I’ve followed this guide:

So I have set up an extension (100) as follows:

secret xxxxxx
canreinvent no
context from-internal
host dynamic
type friend
nat yes
port 5060
qualify yes
dial SIP/100
mailbox [email protected]

and an inbound route (100) as follows:

description 100
DID Number 100
extensions 100

I’m not troubleshooting the routing here, that will come later! I just want to connect my SIP endpoint to the switch. I’ve set up a 3CX softphone as follows:

user 100
ID 100
password xxxxxx
local PBX IP (IP of Asterisk box)
External PBX IP (left this blank)
PBX port 5060
Proxy (IP of Asterisk box)
Local SIP port 5060
First RTP port 10001 (i’m told this not starting at 10000 is important, but not relevant to this post)

Right, there you have it. I’ve tried different variations on the above and have even disable iptables when i try to connect to ensure no traffic is blocked.

Added to this, I see no log messages when I use asterisk -vvvvvvvvr from the cli and try to connect.

Please help!



Apologies for the bump, just need some help!

Another forum had the answer. 3 days of changing config setting here and smashing laptops up there, the resolution had nothing to do with config what so ever.

from the console:

amportal stop
amportal start

!!! 3 days !!!

when all else fails reboot.