Any way to view security logs or failed SIP registrations in FreePBX?

Is there some place I can go to view logs of any type of failed connection attempt, whether it’s to my admin page, via SSH, or even failed SIP registrations? I would just like to have a place to keep an eye on any possible security concerns.

I know I have the call log to obviously track the usage, but other than that is there anything else I can be monitoring?

I’m using FreePBX


You can look at the Asterisk log files in /var/log/asterisk.

Also take a look at the System Admin module. You can set email destinations for various things FreePBX monitors like Storage Notifications and Intrusion Detection Notifications.


Where can I find the System Admin module? Is it a third-party module that I need to download and install? That sounds really, really handy.

It should be at the bottom of the tools tab.

I do see the “System Administration” section under the Tools tab. Listed under there are:

Asterisk API
Asterisk CLI
Asterisk Info
Asterisk Phonebook
Backup & Restore
DUNDi Lookup
Java SSH
PHP Info
Print Extensions
Route Congestion Messages
Weak Password Detection

Maybe I’m overlooking something simple, but I’m not seeing anything that allows me to set notifications. Under PHPAGI, there is an option to email errors, but this doesn’t look like the same thing.

You only get the intrusion detection when you install the distro. It installs the fail2ban package.