Any way to see extensions logs?

Hi guys,

I observe short disconnects in stat’s graph on the main page. How/where do I check which extension behaves this way? I suspect it could be my softphone app when I move with phone.



Best way is to go to Reports - Asterisk log files. Its the log of the pbx, and it tells you when extensions are reachable or unreachable.

use the command line to look at the log, or download the log and search it.

You will want to find “Reachable/UnReachable”

grep eachable /var/log/asterisk/full

I do see a lot of Unreachable, Reachable from one extension, is this normal or can indicate network/registration issue?

Perhaps there could be a loose Ethernet cable, if it’s a LAN-based hardwired endpoint?


With the default config, after a client registers, Asterisk will send periodic SIP OPTIONS packets to the device, and expects a 200 OK back. If the 200OK comes back delayed it will be logged as “Lagged”, but otherwise things will work fine. If no 200OK comes back it is “Unreachable”. When a contact is unreachable, Asterisk will not even attempt to send a call, so the device won’t ring, calls will go to vm or whatever the failover dest is. This will generally have no effect on outbound calls from the device, unless whatever network disruption that is affecting the OPTIONS is also blocking the INVITE from the phone.

It’s a softphone app over wi-fi, but ping 100%, no losses.

Hm, aside from this log, the extension works good, able to call in/out, no audio issue (well, except when over VPN, I’m working on it thought)

After looking on my network diagram I remember that I used DHCP filter for work VLAN and that Android device with extension and softphone used randomized MAC, upon set static MAC FreePBX stopped displaying those Unreachable/Reachable messages. Let’s hope it will stay like this!:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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