Any way to not save zero-length voicemail messages?


I have an intermittent problem with telemarketers calling and triggering the voicemail, but not actually leaving a message.

Each time it happens I have to spend ages going through the voicemail checking and deleting them all.

One of these idiots called sixty seven times a couple of nights ago…

Is there any way for the voicemail system to automatically ignore or delete zero length or very short messages (like a ‘minimum duration to save’ setting)?


Yes, you can specify the minimum number of seconds a voicemail must be.

In /etc/asterisk/ there are a number of voicemail options, including:

maxmessage=180 ; max length of vm message minmessage=3 ; Minimum length of a voicemail message in seconds maxsilence=5 ; Wait for 5 silent seconds and end the voicemail

Adjust as needed but be careful otherwise you may lose valid, but short, messages.

You might need to trigger a reload for this to take effect.

Hope that helps!


If they’re calling from the same number, blacklist them…