Any Way To Ignore Multiple Incoming Calls At Same Time From One CID To One DID?

I’m getting calls from the same CID to one DID at the same time. Is there a way to accept one of the calls, but simple not respond to other calls from the same CID even if the “extra” calls come in a second or two after the initial call?


I can think of a couple ways - one would be to write a custom context that you could point a CID specific inbound route and process the first call to an extension, and the rest would be send to a “terminate call” application.

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Thanks for your input. I think your example would need to specify a CID. If so, I would like to use a way that does not need a CID. I believe I would like a way that compares and acts on the CID dynamically, as the calls comes in.

To @cynjut’s point I think that same approach would work, you would just need to check CID(num) for the incoming call, if it already exists on an active channel, if yes terminate call, otherwise continue on.

Put that custom treatment on your inbound route(s) and you are set.

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