Any way to do a bulk save, and reload?

I know this may seem like a strange question, and I am not completely sure why this is even happening outside of maybe something is just a bit wacky with the bulk extensions module.

We have about 300 extensions loaded into a FreePBX Distro (most current stable release) that was done using the bulk extensions module. For some reason, if you dial an extension, after the default ring time, it will not jump to voice mail, it will just keep on ringing into eternity.

Now the strange part, I don’t have to change anything, I can simply go into the extension, and then click submit, and then apply config, and magically coverage to voice mail now works as expected.

I have looked over the before and after config, and it seems to be identical, so a bit of a mystery for sure. So I figured if there was some way to just make it do this soft of re-save and apply, I could get this all straightened out. This is a weird one for sure, and not at all expected…

Not sure if I followed you completely on this one or not, but if I looked at the data dump I see that the voicemail field was set to Default, which I would think is right.

As to the bulk import, I am 98% sure that is what got me in this position to start with, as we built a csv file that had all of the extension info in it, and loaded it, and all seemed OK. I just bit the bullet and spent the couple hours and just clicked save on everything, and I think they client should be golden, but what a pain.

Something seems a bit buggy on the bulk export/import function, or I am missing the boat someplace. I say that as I have taken a working set of extensions, exported to a csv file, and then turned right around and directly imported that file back in (no edit at all), and it will spit out errors. You would really think, a direct export and import would work, but guess not…

Not that odd, do a asterisk -rx ‘database show’ | grep xxxx

where xxxx is the number that is not going to VM. You will see the astdb keys have not been written.

You can manually upload an astdb backup but to my knowledge I don’t know how to generate those keys.

You could run the bulk import with an innocuous column and the edit directive. That would be orders of magnitude better than 900 + clicks.

Can anyone response as i am getting below error while importing csv using trixbox and how to resolve it as i need to take the csv file from my trixbox and upload it on newly installed elastix.

Error: Warning: fgetcsv(): supplied argument is not a valid stream resource in /var/www/html/admin/modules/bulkextensions/page.bulkextensions.php on line 86


Supporting trixbox to elastix is outside of our scope of reasonable help. Sorry