Any way to change or reset root password from the GUI?

Working with a couple Sangoma systems on PBXact ( and I do not have access to a working root password when I SSH into the box. At some point, the default ‘sangoma’ password was working and I know I didn’t do anything that would have changed it. Would doing an upgrade of the system change this default password?
I do have remote access to the GUI, are there any places that the ssh access can be modified to change the password? I can get physical access to the systems so I can see the console but again have no working username/password to get any farther than that

No, you must boot to single user mode and reset the root password that way.

If you have a support relationship with Sangoma, it’s possible for you to grant root ssh access to us using the GUI and thus save the work of doing it yourself.

I did open a ticket for this and another issue, and was referred to the instructions to boot single user mode and reset. Hoping to see if support is familiar with the root access method since these are sites in production