Any suggestion for Dial By Voice? TTS? and e-mail?

Hello everyone,

I’m looking to implement a Dial by number AGI, or looking to get something similar.
I would like to be able to dial an extnsion, and be able to speak a number and have it be dialed by the system (or access an option from the VM system).

Has anyone attempted this, or do they have a link that would explain how to do it?
I read about Cepstral, Festival, and Flite. Are there any suggestions about which is better?

Also, has anyone implemented TTS for Email access?
This is also something else I am interested in…
Any help would be appreciated…

Search the site for Magic Button…

I appreciate your comment.
I was also looking at that earlier, and I am interested.
I would like to try to "re-create the wheel, per se’.
The more experience I get with these type of advanced applications, the more knowledge base I will acquire, which is my main intention…

I didn’t see where Magic Button checks e-mail…Did you?