Any soft-modem ready to use in FreePBX?

I’m looking for a softmodem implementation for FreePBX or Asterisk in general, for Bell212A standard (1200bps). There is some Asterisk module but needs to be compiled and requires working with Asterisk config files (GitHub - billsimon/asterisk-Softmodem: V.23 Softmodem for Asterisk with some Bildschirmtext-specific stuff in it.). Also this is for V.22 (slightly different from Bell 212A) but might work. I was wondering though, if there’s anything ready to install from the admin panel, so far no luck finding. This is needed for answering calls from an old device to pull it’s config. I might just install a physical modem but this would be way easier.

The soft-modems in that module come from the spandsp library, which implements several FSK modems but not Bell 212A. spandsp/src/fsk.c at master · freeswitch/spandsp · GitHub

I do not think Bell 212A is compatible with any of the ITU standard modems. You will probably be better off connecting a hardware modem. Also, the asterisk module you linked connects the modem serial line to a TCP socket. You would need to write something that interacts with the calling device.

V.22 isn’t FSK, so I assume the same applies to Bell 212. I think it is QPSK, and it is certainly some PSK variant. Quick googles tend to confirm QPSK.

Hey, thanks for the correction. Unfortunately I still don’t believe spandsp implements it.

@1mrpeter if you are able to convince your calling device to use either V.21 or Bell103 (300 bps) that should work with the spandsp soft-modem.

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