Any one know how to prevent Extension from using specific outbound route?

Hi All

How I apply some security (limitation) on my extensions, here is my requirement:
don’t want all my extension to have full access to my outbound routes, I don’t know how to prevent some extensions from using outbound route!! could you please help?


Check out the FreePBX How To page, I believe there is a page that deals with that.

Use the custom context module, it is working fine with latest versions of FreePBX

Thanks a lot, you can use the routing permission module.

note that route permissions module does not work on 2.8.

As mentioned, custom context does work and is one option.

Another option, if you are using 2.7 or 2.8, is to create a route for the patterns that you don’t want those extensions to have access to, positioned before the real route, and use CID based routing so only the extensions (or extension patterns for multiple extensions) have access to that route.

Once you have done that you put a ‘bogus’ trunk on that route, or maybe create a custom trunk that ends up pointing back to a system recording telling them they can’t call those number. Since that route will come before the ‘real route’ it will trap those extensions and keep them from hitting the real route.

You could also do the reverse, which is to use CID based patterns to only allow certain extensions to access the real route, thus other extensions would not be able to. (This would be easier if, for instance, you had only a couple phones allowed to make international calls and all the rest not, for examples).