Any luck configuring Sangoma Talk to send SMS with the Metered Sip Trunking module and Voip Innovations?

Hey All,
I am having trouble getting any SMS sent. I get an error in the Sangoma Talk app that says “The message could not be sent. Please try again.” and in the sangomaconnect_err.log I get a line that says
Error in API request (/mobile/sms/send) null Error code400 {“status”:false,“message”:“”}
I can receive SMS just fine.
VoipInnovations says they do not see any outbound SMS traffic on that DID.
My DID shows SMS is enabled with SIP.
Any advice would be appreciated.

in the world of http 400 is a bad request. So you are hitting something and it is a valid endpoint and even authenticating correctly because you’re not getting a 401. It seems you have a bad or missing parameter. Since it is a closed source module you will unlikely be able to do any meaningful debugging. You (or they) will need to file a bug report

I am having the same problem,
I can receive the SMS but when trying to send or respond it fails.
VI say they do not see any outbound SMS traffic on that DID.
VI checked my programming and said it all looks good.

400 would prevent outbound traffic from happening. This is a server error at the API level. The messages wouldn’t ever see your account because the request is malformed somehow Someone would need to review the API logs while an attempt is made probably. I am guessing support wouldn’t have access to the data needed here. This needs to ultimately be fixed by whomever is in charge of the module.

I’m not setup for testing SMS right now from mobile, but I’m not aware of any reported issues. If you’re unable to send SMS, please open a support ticket.

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