Any ideas how to do : Passworded 'pod-boxes'?

I’d like to set up a system so that external callers can dial a ‘pod-box’ number, and (after entering a PIN) leave their message-of-the-day (which could then be forwarded on to the web).

A voicemail box almost does the trick - but I’d need to add a PIN. I’d be happy to do some coding, but I’m sure it would save a ton of time if someone could point me in the right direction.


Rather than work too hard integrating this with FreePBX, I went for the API & Perl…

exten => s,1,agi,/pathto/Perl/|type=simple|param2=322

The parameters are named, so that I can use 1 script for multiple apps - If anyone needs a pointer, I’d be glad to help.

All the Best