Any guides for setting up phones

Hi. I got into VOIP a few months ago and I have a pretty decent working FreePBX 14 server running on a vultr VPS. There was no shortage of guides and documentation for setting up FreePBX and Asterisk but one thing I am having trouble with is understanding how best to setup IP phones to work with FreePBX/Asterisk.

I have 2x obi1032 IP phones and I read the admin manual, learned what kind of features the phone has, etc., but I don’t feel like I have a good understanding for setting up the phone to best work with FreePBX and take advantage of all the features FreePBX offers. The phone has 3 keys mapped to the LCD screen and then there are 8 sidecar keys with LEDs.

Are there any good manuals that goes through some examples for how people generally map these keys with FreePBX? I asked ObiHai/Polycom if they had a guide for Asterisk/FreePBX, but they do not and their forum does not seem to have much discussion on this.

Main step is to setup the SIP account. Just enter the FreePBX IP, extension number and password. For BLF, that is the LEDs showing when certain extension is either idle, off-hook or ringing, I’m not familiar with Obihai, but probably you just pick BLF function from a drop down menu, enter the extension you want to monitor and that is all. You can do that all by yourself from the phone’s web GUI

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