Any Free CID Superfecta Data Sources?

Does anyone know if there are still any free, non-pay CNAM data sources for CallerID Superfecta? Back in 2013 when I was still using PIAF, Google phone number lookups and Whitepages were still available and working, but either are no longer available or the ToS agreements changed to prevent use with Superfecta.

I was using OpenCNAM for the longest time, and it worked great, but ever since they got bought-out by Neustar, and ultimately now TransUnion, and they charge per dip lookup.

I could just bite the bullet and put some credits on my OpenCNAM account and use the pay service if needed, and have Superfecta cache the results in hopes that every lookup would not require a OpenCNAM dip. looks like it might be free, but their website states that the service is for “commercial use only”, and I am only using this at home, non-commercially.

Which country are you from? The U.S.?

My apologies for the delay, yes I’m here in Ohio in the states.

Cidname is not free. You get 100 free dips but after that you pay. It also has an end user section so it is meant for someone like you too.

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