Any cheap IP phones with WiFi?

I need a cheap IP phone (preferably under £50 GBP) which can connect wireless through WiFi. Does anyone know any good ones?

Also, phones that support a usb WiFi adapter are fine

These are popular and have (in the past) sold for $49. However, they may be in EOL right now:

Why not to buy a small wifi router and plug this one on it?
Just set the AP as Wifi client
A router = 35€+/-

I have multiple wifi phones and I have never been a fan. I now use powerline adapters for most everywhere I don’t want to run a cable.

The Grandstream GRP2612W supports a wifi connection as well as standard POE ethernet connection. I’ve had good luck with the GRP series of carrier grade phones.

2nd the Grandstream GRP series. You can anchor the phone to their cloud management platform in case the customer mfg. resets. From there you can assign buttons, server, etc.

Hi all,
Thanks for the suggestions!
However, I’ve figured out something else.
I have a power line adapter which runs on a separate ssid to the main router, but still gets the connection from the router. If I enter the IP address of my FreePBX server on the other ssid, it enters into the control panel. I’ll just buy a normal IP phone for it.

Thanks for all the help!

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