Any ability to trigger Webhooks for incoming calls?

Hi all,

We use a 4D Server internally for nearly everything (jobs, databases, payroll, etc). We’re looking to see if we can get any kind of smarts between our FreePBX server and our 4D server for things like incoming calls.

When a call comes in, a POST request sends data to an endpoint on the 4D server with things like CID, etc. That would allow us to do an internal number lookup and if the number has a client record, we can pull up that info automatically without someone looking up the data.

This would be different than using FreePBX’s own API or something (if one exists, haven’t checked), because it would require 4D Server to request the data from FreePBX, not the other way around.

Does anything like this exist?

This module does that: CRM Link | FreePBX - Let Freedom Ring

I posted 2 links in this thread and ofcourse as bill suggest there is the commercial module route. They may offer a trial for you to test that but I am unsure.

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