ANTHONY CHARLES LEWIS your C-172 is calling

If you don’t do it today, you will be older when you do.

Look up. Get up and go to the airport.

Wish it was that easy. Kids and family take the little spare time I have in life after working 14-16 hour days 6 days a week.

I have some of the same issues, but someone needs to get you back in the air.
It was 13 years for me out of the left seat, U?
just for the heck of it go for a flight review. You might just surprise yourself.
With Fit to Fly, you can do a self-medical.

I have my medical. I was up recently. Just wish I could find time to go up weekly like I was couple years ago. Work and family and FeeePBX just doesn’t allow for it.

I would bet that it’s the only place you get away from FreePBX.