Answering Service module/package?

I’m wondering if there is a commercially supported answering service add-on for FreePBX. Key features we need:

  • Windows-based SIP client/application
  • Script presentation and other info presented to agent based on called number
  • Ability to send SMS and email from the UI
  • In-application fields for scheduling system URL, special instructions, etc.

The rest of the stuff: Queues, CDR, voicemail to email, etc. is already baked into FreePBX or modules of which I am aware.

Does anyone have something or know of something? It has to be well-supported.


This looks like it integrates with FreePBX/Asterisk. Anyone using it?

The need is for an answering service, not a telemarketer.

For anyone else wondering, we did a demo/Q&A with the nCall folks and it looks like a great product.