Another DPMA oddity :-)

Just found another DPMA oddity.

I acquired a used Digium D70 on eBay and decided to swap the D50 I have used up until now with the D70. So I went into the extensions and simply dragged and dropped the assigned extension until they were swapped around. (The D50 is now on another extension, they’re not sharing).

Now I have the problem that clicking “reconfigure extension” no longer does anything - for any of my Digium phones. It used to work well. They’d “snap into action” and reconfigure. I have to do it from the phone now.

I’ve restarted freepbx but haven’t done a hard reset on the server.

Not a big deal but a strange issue.

The button in the FreePBX add-on for Digium phones just directs DPMA at the AMI or CLI level (I don’t remember) to seen a reconfigure notice to a phone. The reconfigure notice is in the form of a SIP MESSAGE packet. The phone should respond to that packet with an OK. If the phone’s not responding to the packet, then the MESSAGE is going to the wrong destination (because the address and/or port of the phone have changed…NAT) or something has gone horribly wrong in the telephone (that’d be hauntingly rare).

At face value, it seems like something else is going on aside of simply taking a line= configuration from PhoneA and swapping it with the line= configuration from PhoneB.

Good luck

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