Anonymous SIP not working

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I have inbound SIP provided by Gradwell in the UK. When I forward the relevant ports directly to a phone,with no setup, I can receive calls.

I would expect setting anonymous calls to Yes in Freepbx to work without issue but I’m having no luck.

I have an ANY-ANY > extension No. inbound route setup and I have tried temporarily disabling the firewall.

I have to use anonymous calls as my provider has a very long list of IPs

Any help much appreciated!!

Should be easy to solve if we see the logs including SIP logging. PJSIP or chan_sip?

Thanks for your reply,

I don’t suppose you have a link to a guide on pulling logs? Google isn’t proving very useful. All I can find is that I need to look in /var/log/asterisk/ but not how to get to that point.

Don’t use Anonymous SIP.

See the list of 14 netblocks at the bottom of
Type them, separated by commas, into the Match (Permit) field of your pjsip trunk.
Calls will no longer appear as anonymous.

Edit: here you go:,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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