Anonymous calls going straight to voicemail


Can anyone tell me why this is happening? I’ve got a few bits and pieces set up now to send different calls to different places and for anonymous calls, I’d like them to go to an extension with call screening enabled and we can then make a decision whether we want to accept.

But it seems anonymous calls refuse to go anywhere except the extension’s voicemail at the moment. I’ve tested the inbound route going direct to the extension so it’s not my dynamic routes (I don’t think) but I can’t seem to find the answer to this.

I’m also wondering if this is something in Asterisk or in the Linksys PAP2 device I’ve got serving the analogue phones.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


It was the Linksys PAP2. Just took a while to find the option :slight_smile:

(turns out it has its own anonymous call blocking feature. Dialling *87 turns deactivates this)