Anonymous CallerID coming from Grandstream GXW4024

Hey… was wondering if any of you guys know how to fix this problem. My Freepbx is setup with a couple of incoming lines to a TDM card, then a couple of FXS TDM card to a couple of phones and a few SIP phones.

Recently I added A Grandstream GXW 4024 to add a couple more analog phones. Now calls made from the Grandstream to a SIP phone will show - Anonymous as the caller ID… How do I fix it so that it will show the caller ID of the phone?

I’m using User & Device mode on FreePBX.


By default, the Grandstream is programmed to wait at least two rings before passing the call, so that it can get the Caller ID (which is sent on PSTN calls between the first and second rings). If you changed that to 0 rings, then you won’t ever get Caller ID, until you change it back.

It’s also possible that the lines you’re using don’t have Caller ID service.

Hey thanks for the replay… I guess the number of rings fixed it.