Annoying MOH during the call

Hi guys! I have some annoying problem

System based on openpbx, quite a large call center and the problem is that from time to time during a conversation (carried out between the server and the client as part of the queue) you can hear music on hold in the background (MOH) randomly selected from a group of MOH files

PBX consists of several servers (asterisk), some for terminate providers SIP trunk, some for terminate softphone, and the central PBX based on openPBX which makes the connection between sipphone and client (for example cellphone using siptrunk)

The problem occurs for different queues, different agents and different sip providers in randomly time of a day.

What could be the reason that they both hear the MOH even though the communication leg between the softphone and the client is set up and theoretically the MOH channel should be quit?

I will be grateful for hints from experienced engineers, what could I check, where to look?

This is the FreePBX forums, not sure if anyone here will be able to provide helpful information.

I know, what if the problem was with asterisks / freePBX?
Any idea?

So why post here?

There are many Asterisk based products, very few of them are similar. A lot of commercial products even patch Asterisk so it performs according to their sets.

With that being said, if it would be FreePBX, we would ask you to provide a call trace via pastebin

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