Announcing Updated Rates & Terms of Service for Our Hosted Services – Effective Dec 1st, 2018

Please take note that we are updating our Terms of Service for our PBXact Cloud hosted PBX, SIPStation SIP trunking service and FAXStation Fax over IP solutions.

All changed are effective from Dec 1st, 2018 inclusively:

  • For PBXact Cloud, we now offer monthly phone rentals, so we now have updated terms
  • Expanded calling area for bundled minutes now covers lower US 48, Hawaii and the 10 provinces of Canada
  • New lower per minute rates for metered services for PBXact Cloud and SIPStation
  • Inbound SMS texts are now free
  • Updates to our International Rates Calling deck

For more details, please visit, from Dec 1st, and look for the documents under the Cloud Services terms.

Let us know if you have any further questions.

Thank you!