Guys, I’m in trouble with the IVR Announcement.

Freepbx is not recognizing any ads.

how do i solve this?

You provide actual details of what you are doing, what is not working and what you’ve tried. Because as it stands, what you’ve posted thus far tells us nothing so we can’t give you any advice.

I am creating an IVR but when I post any ad, the IVR does not recognize.

Example: When I add an announcement to her to give my IVR the initial greeting, simply the IVR does not recognize the announcement

How are you creating the announcement? Have you created a system recording?

Already Created All Recordings via Option (System Record)
The system I use is Freepbx 13, when I access my server from the browser through the IP provided by the server. Soon after I go to applications and select the ads option and direct the ad to play first before the client hear the IVR Options.

When I add the announcements, I use the Ready-made recordings in the specified format (WAV).

What do you mean when you use the word “ad”.

Have you seen the wiki pages:

Make a test call to the IVR and post the call log so we can see which file is being played.

Ok, could you please tell me how I do this? because I’m new to this software.

When we created the IVR, it enables us to use recordings to inform the customer of the Company.

Example: When we call a call center always the answering machine will announce the company and the name of the answering machine.

In freepbx there is the option to call the Initial recording and only after the IVR say the options that the client wants.

I think you need to do some reading. Log into the server through SSH, type asterisk -R -vvvvv press enter and make a call to the IVR. Once the call hits the server you will start seeing a lot of text and somewhere in between all that you will see when the call enters the IVR and you will see which file is being played.

Hay un foro para español si tu quieres…

I made the test call and the first recorded line and exactly the IVR Options that are:

  1. for customer service

  2. support

However the announcement was not executed

Executing [[email protected]:11] execIf (“PJSIP / 1214 - 0000001a”, “1?Background (custom/ret_menu)”) in new Stack

<PJSIP/1214-0000001a> playing ’ custom/ret_menu.slin’ (language ’ en’)

Is that the actual name of the file you chose when you recorded it? What formats did you choose to transcode? It is playing the slin format, which is at least suspicious because that means there is no file that matches the chosen codec for the trunk.

The files that are in the System are (WAV), the same format that the manufacturer requires. This is really the file that was chosen. All files I have ever tested on IVR. When I call and select some option from the registered extensions, they all play different media, preselected for each one of them, but when I add an ad to IVR, it does not recognize and goes straight to the IVR options. IVR behaves as if it had no ads registered.

If by manufacturer you mean Sangoma, as in FreePBX by Sangoma, they don’t “require” any format in particular. The different formats are there so you can match them to whatever format you need, like what your VoIP provider allows, or what your phones allow, so there is no need to transcode the recordings.
If it is picking the slin version, then it means it can’t match it to any codec that you might be using. Have you checked if the slin version actually exists? The sound path is /var/lib/asterisk/sounds

Could you inform, the full path? because the given path, the server says, is just a directory.

I’m sorry for the editions in the comments, I’m from of Brazilian, and sometimes i’m leave a comment in Portuguese and I forget I’m talking to people in English. rsrs

I don’t remember from memory, but look inside that directory, you should find the custom directory where “manual” recordings get stored.

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