Announcement to Original Caller

Hi Guys,

I am trying to achieve the following:

A customer calls in, they speak to Person A who determines they need to be transferred to Person B; we do have an IVR in this instance but customers do what they want and pressing any number is common.

When Person A presses transfer the client hears the message, “Please hold the line whilst we transfer you to your Account Manager”, Person Bs phone rings, they answer, speak to Person A and then the call is transferred.

Currently in the above scenario we have follow me settings on the extension with the announcement and this is heard by Person A as opposed to the actual client. Is there anyway I can get this message to be player to the original caller via the gui or will I have to do this another way? I have started to use AGI and realise anything is now possible, but I just want to confirm there is not a tickbox or similar for the above before I get coding.

While the attended transfer is happening, the original caller is “on hold”. I would think the easiest way to accomplish your goal would be to add a sound file in your “music on hold” arsenal and play that as the first “selection”. If you have MOH set up to play random tunes, it wouldn’t work as well, but you could manage this through a custom MOH destination and go to town, I’d think.

@cynjut many thanks for your response. This sounds completely doable and I will give this a shot come Monday as it is a local machine. Thanks again!