Announcement only voicemail box?

Is there any way to have a voicemail box be announce only? We don’t want any messages left. This is for weather related closings & delays–we need to be able to change the greeting remotely, that is why I’m using a voicemail box. Any input or suggestions would be appreciated.

I’m running TrixBoxCE with Polycom phones.


if you have access from the right internal context. maybe you could have an ivr that routes users (with a password?) to the context in question?

This is also trivially easy with a custom dial plan.

This is not the first time I’ve seen this request so I went looking…

Based on the info here: (and assuming you are using asterisk 1.2 or better).

You can do the following: Create an extension with voice mail, then in the VM Options field enter “maxmsg=1” if you already have a default set of option(s), the option the seperator for more options is | . It is worth noting that maxmsg=0 does not work like you’d think, setting it to 0 means that a the limit is unlimited.

Then go in and leave one voice message so that it has it’s max of 1 message in the voice mail box.

It will still play the audio for being able to leave a message but then gives you a error notice and hangs up.

I haven’t checked in a while, does setting a temp greeting keep from leaving messages? (probably not …)

Another option is to route the call to an announcement set in the announcement module, giving you the ability to let them repeat the announcement and then route the announcement elsewhere afterwards (back to the IVR, or …).

In 2.5, you can then create a feature code that lets you re-record the announcement (protected by a password if you want). You can then either access the feature code from an internal phone, dedicate a DID to reach that feature code, or create a ‘stealth option’ in your IVR to access it and re-record it. To use it as a destination, you simply create a Misc Destination that points to it.