Ani, rpid on inbound call

i am pretty sure it is a carrier issue, but all of sudden we are seeing lots of calls coming in with anonymous as the caller id. i checked with VI (the sip trunk provider in this case) and they said yes the ani is showing anonymous but the rpid field is being populated with the caller id number. the cdr’s and what is presented to the phone is not using the rpid field. i.e. the cdr also shown anonymous. is there a config parameter somewhere to tell the system to use the rpid field instead of the ani? or better yet, present the rpid to the phone and record both ani and rpid in the cdr?

The first part of your question is really arcane, but should be interesting. I’d suggest trying some of the different options and see what happens. Also, what are you using for your Caller ID lookup stuff? Modifying your SuperFecta lookups might also help you out.

As far as the CDR stuff, I think you’ll need to look at the CDR interaction in the update context - I don’t think the current dialplan does this, but it should be doable.

Assuming you are using chan_sip trunks, the following in your peer details should do the trick:

trustrpid=yes  ; for incoming from provider
sendrpid=yes  ; for sending to your provider

the problem i am chasing now is that one of my customers is being bombarded by a disgruntled person. he is now blocking his caller id. does the blacklist feature have a way of looking at the rpid?