Android Phones DTMF not working with IVR

Hi, I have a client who has a multi-level IVR in place. They have been complaining that when external calls come in, some of the callers are unable to navigate the IVR menus. Based on our investigation, this appears to be specific to some brands/models of phones using the Android OS. This issue appears to be related to the DTMF (possibly long DTMF) response carrying over to the next IVR, an example of this is if the caller presses a number, let’s say 2, this will then go to the next IVR as expected, but then the DTMF tone will also carry over to the next IVR and select IVR option 2, regardless of if this is what the caller wanted or even if that option exists. Is there any way to compensate for this extended DTMF response without having to custom script?

Extended DTMF responses wouldn’t do that, separate DTMF responses would. A log would be best to show what is actually happening.

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