Android/IOS app to call using DISA or Callback

We have a lot of staff who travel, as well as a large number of calls overseas. I am looking to simplify life for all of my users, as such I want to hire someone to build an app that allows them to call a number easily quickly and efficiently as painlessly as possible.

The solution used right now is that users call a DISA and then dial the number they need. While this works it is a royal PITA because you need to remember or write down the number you want to call.

Hence I want an app which allows the user to dial from the phonebook, or manually the number they want and it will automatically make the call. What is the best way to do this? One obvious option is to use the DISA with pauses, but that is very hard to make sure you get right. The other option is callback but that seems like a royal pain for the user. But I would assume the API could also be used to help with this no? Does anybody have any suggestions?

I am hoping once this is done to have a generic app that I will put on the Play Store and Apple App store.

Thanks everyone.

Can you not download a SIP softphone and have them use that? Bria is a client I have used.

Because that works great, if they have strong 4G service. Otherwise it just isn’t really an option. Since I can far from be certain of good 4G service that doesn’t seem like a good option! Of course I can’t be guaranteed any service but for example on my drive home everyday I certainly loose 4G service during the drive but I don’t loose cell phone service as a whole.

I assume (based on your previous posts) that this system is in Israel.

There are numerous free and paid ‘calling card’ apps that will automate DISA. Based on the number dialed, they will call your DISA number, send a password (if needed) by DTMF, followed by the number to call.

Also, many SIP apps also have this ability. For example, my Groundwire app can be set up so a call to a US number goes via SIP if I’m on Wi-Fi. Otherwise, it dials my DISA as a cellular voice call, then sends the password and destination number by DTMF.

I believe that some of the free SIP apps such as CSipSimple can do the same thing.

You might also consider using a commercial service such as Localphone or Rebtel. They have a block of local numbers and use the combination of which one you dial and your caller ID to ring your contact directly. For example, you dial a Tel Aviv number (from Contacts, from History or manually) and it rings your contact in New York at a cost of $0.005/min. You preset the desired outbound caller ID, such as your office number.

If calls are mostly to a few contacts, you can set up the PBX so after calling in you dial a two-digit ‘speed dial’ number that routes to the proper destination number. If this access number is restricted to speed dials (can’t call an arbitrary number), then caller ID is probably adequate security. As only two DTMF digits are sent, it should be very reliable.

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