And now that android no longer supports sip ...?

For a while since sip has been deprecated in android, this always made me a bit anxious …
Then the news that from version 12 no more sip!
I have always used apps that I gave to customers to integrate with the PBX.
What can we do in the future to do things like that?

What news?

Maybe they have seen something about the built in SIP soft phone which I’d never heard of:

It’s even possible that it hasn’t been removed from Android but they bought a phone, like mine where the OEM hasn’t enabled it.

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I’ve set it up once quite a while ago, but was underwhelmed. I shan’t miss it.


Umm, native sip has nothing to do with apps that use sip right? Which is what the OP was actually saying he used.

So honestly, nothing to see here, move along.

If the app you were using used the built in SIP stack and has never been updated, then , you were using a bad app in the first place since it has been depreciated for a while.

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Also it’s worth mentioning that as far as I know the built-in SIP client doesn’t support any transport security. Using it may seem comfortable but sending access credentials to your PBX over the internet shouldn’t be done especially if you use a mobile device that may be connected to free and potentially compromised Wifi hotspots.

Honestly the built in sip functionality was trash. I have always used some form of app

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