Analog Trunk and outbound routing

my trixbox pbx not working completely no incoming and outgoing calls and i cannot able to create new extension anything ,now i am trying to install freepbx in system and i can mangae to install freepbx 14 and configure extension also. i can able to call between the extension but not able to call outside. i am using analog trunk ,i dont have any experince in freepbx may be my trunk creation and outbound routing is wrong , if any one please guide where i need to check the configuration i have two pots line and i am using four fxo ports sangoma card. Analog card showing DAHDI , extension i created i DAHDI extension.

Show a screenshot of your trunk configuration

I created trunk,outbound routes and extension. After that i mappeed extension to newly created outbound routes but no calls are going from extension to other extension and outside. but if the extension is defaultly mapped from internal then extension to extension is going. I dont know where is the issue. my sangoma card is detected and its showing 4 fxo ports also.

What do you mean by mapping extensions to outbound routes? That is not how FreePBX works. When you dial a number that matches a pattern that belongs to the outbound route, the call uses the trunk.

Extension to extension should work allways, unless you are changing the context. Is that what you mean when you say “default mappedfrom internal”? You are not supposed to change the context that FreePBX assigns.

ok i understand, in trixbox i changing context,but i am using default as internal no calls are going to outside in between extensions are working

also in dashboard i find this error Unable to write to /etc/wanpipe/global.conf

Don’t modify the context. What type are your extensions? SIP or DAHDI?

our extension sip, screen shot attached. Trunk is DAHDI

You have only one extension defined, so there is no way to call other extensions because there is only one.

extension i can make the call, for outside not going

What exact error message are you receiving when trying to call an external call?

OK - to be clear, are you using “the default” or you are using “default”? The default context for extensions should be “from-internal”. I don’t think “default” is valid.

sorry i am using from interrnal

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i created two trunk but not showing as online in PBX statics.i don’t know where is the issue,also showing error as Unable to write to /etc/wanpipe/global.conf

DAHDI trunks will not have an online/offline status because that is only for trunks that work over a TCP/IP connection, like sip or iax trunks.

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