Analog phones - outbound calls take a long time to start ringing

After dialing a number from an analog phone, my system is taking upwards of 30 seconds before it times out on the digits and routes the call out towards the trunk. Is there a setting somewhere to change the timeout?

It’s probably not your system that’s taking the 30 seconds but rather your phone which is waiting for you to finish entering more digits. This is most commonly caused by lack of proper dialplan or digit timing on the phone itself. You haven’t said what make/model of phones you’re using, but if you lookup info for the actual phones you’ll most likely find the answer.

On most IP sets you can always tell the phone to try dialing straight away by pressing the # key after your digits (just to confirm that the issue is with the phone timeouts)

Sorry, I should have been more specific - I’m dealing with analog phones (main topic updated).

Specifically, they are generic 4 line analog business phones connected to a channel bank (adtran 624), to a channelized T1 to a Digium te820 in the server.

Okay that helps, though my guess would be that there’s still a setting on the channel bank telling it how long to wait before it accepts what you’ve put in as a “complete number to try and dial”.

I’ve never dealt with channel banks like that, just smaller ATAs, but I would imagine the idea is the same (maybe somebody else can be more informative on this)

If you append a “#” after dialing what happens?


I’m not sure what happens if I append an ‘#’, although my gut feeling is that it will evaluate to an invalid number message (unable to route). I’ll have to wait until after Christmas to test that out since that office will be closed.

I should mention that as soon as I pick up the handset, it appears in the asterisk console, so I’m pretty certain that it’s an asterisk setting that is causing the delay and not a setting on the channel bank.

If your outbound route is 9. as most are by default. then consider changing it to a “closed” dial string, it will short circuit the wait which is by default only 5 seconds of interdigit silence when a pattern is matched. for example in NANP land we have :-

and in PSTN world
(to these, most providers require that you add your area code) (where N=[2-9], Z=[1-9] X=[0-9] as pattern matching (regex) expressions)

Many countries have a similar rubric. many make exceptions for Cell Phones but they can be added to the rules, some though are just are not compliant to such reduction.

My outbound route looks like this:

I don’t understand what you mean by a “closed” dial string.
You mention a 5 second interdigit silence - is that something that is configurable?