Analog Phones not displaying proper Caller ID information

I have a Fiber Modem supplied by my ISP which has an inbuilt ATA Adapter, however the ISP does not provide any voice services as of yet in my area, so I created an extension on my locally hosted FreePBX and configured the ATA on the modem with the following settings :

Calls work fine, audio is transmitted loud and clear either way. Clients separated by NAT can also call IN fine, however no matter which phone I attach to the FXS port (Panasonic/Generic/V Tech), none of them can currently show the Caller ID Info :

Front Door Gaurd

gets displayed instead of :

Front Door Gaurd

The extension name gets displayed correctly, however most of the times no number gets displayed, and when the times it gets displayed, is only a single digit like 1 or 3.

What things am I setting wrong ?

FreePBX settings for the ATA Extension (9021) :

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