Analog phone lines

Hello i have a 4 port analog card on my freepbx with 4 analog lines. All phone lines are in a Hunt group if the main number is in use then it rollovers to the next line. I called Verizon to disconnect one of the lines from the hunt group to just be a normal phone line but still be able to connect into the freepbx card on the system. So my question is how can i setup that line in the system to go to a Ext only inbound and outbound nothing else?

Updated Added: I have i the past and i don’t remember how in the DAHDI in the channels 3 has the number in it. I guess Port 3 on the card is the channel?


You need to set the port on its own group, so it can be controlled independently from the other ports. Imagine the concept of port group in DAHDI is “similar” to the concept of hunt group in Verizon. In DAHDI, all ports in the same group function “together”. If you want to separate a port to behave independently from the others, you assign that port to another group ans only that port is set to that group.
In file /etc/asterisk/chan_dahdi_groups.conf set the group parameter for the port in question to another number.
Then create a DAHDI trunk and use that number as the group identifier.

Hello Arielgrin i have no clue how to set it up in it’s own group this was setup over 2 years ago with the help of a guy i can no longer get a hold of because he passed away. he is the one who helped setup up these two cards. Each one is 4 ports but i have only 4 lines so the other 4 are empty. I do see them all linked together. But i have no clue how to break them apart. If i can use the second card just for what i need as you say second group that would be great. But i have no clue.


I can guide you if you are willing to get your hands “dirty”. I can also help you remotely via teamviewer or anydesk if you feel like this is way too much for you to handle.

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