Analog office and separate VoIP office

What is the approach to setup freepbx with 2 offices, one office having analog phone lines and the other office being VoIP?

Currently my home office is setup with phone lines coming in from vonage with Digium phone cards in the freepbx phone server.

However, my company is getting larger and my new office is mostly VoIP. I want to keep the extensions in my home office (combination of analog/VoIP/Fax line), but also want to make the new office with VoIP & Fax Lines that come in from Vonage. (I’m thinking i’m going to need to move the entire system from the house to my new office office and then have the home office as the slave to the main office).

Will I need to have another freePBX phone server/box at the office, and somehow slave/link/cluster the home office and the office freeBPX servers? if so, how do i do that?



Anyone know how to accomplish this?
If i posted in the wrong forum please advise where I can find relevant help.

Just setup and IAX trunk between the machines. You can then route traffic across the trunk.

If you Google “link two FreePBX systems” or “Asterisk IAX trunk” most permutations will take you to documentation links that should help.