Analog can call out - SIP phones just get busy signal

I got an analog phone that can dial out fine.
When the analog phone dials an extension is gets a busy signal.

When I try using any of my 3 sip phones I get only busy signals.
Either extensions or dialing out is just busy signal.

Sip phones show as registered on “IP Phones Online” report screen.

skype: kpenner36 for direct help and paypal reward for fixing ASAP

is this freepbx? how is the analog phone connected to the pbx? what are the dials rules? what does your trunk definitions look like?

Turns out FreePBX-6.12.65-2-i386-Full-1389845475.iso 16-Jan-2014 04:29 685M
is buggy and does not function.
I put the newer 26-Jan-2014 01:28 version and all my problems disappeared.