[Amportal-users] Private Messages Working on FreePBX Forums?

Hey All,

I received this message this morning, but when I login, it tells me that I have no messages in my inbox. Anyone else experienced this?


---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: [email protected] ([email protected]) < [email protected] ([email protected])>
Date: Dec 18, 2006 8:19 AM
Subject: New Private Message has arrived
To: [email protected] ([email protected])

Hello arobar,

You have received a new private message to your account on “FreePBX Forums” and you have requested that you be notified on this event. You can view your new message by clicking on the following link:


Remember that you can always choose not to be notified of new messages by changing the appropriate setting in your profile.

Thanks, The FreePBX Team

Alex Robar
[email protected] ([email protected])

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yep…i got the same thing

same here.