[Amportal-users] "No DID or CID Match" after exten

Hi all.

We’re starting to use Asterisk and FreePBX 2.1.1, with a TE210P
sitting between our telco ISDN line (Telefónica) and our legacy PBX
(Siemens HiCom 150E).

Everything is working perfectly so far except for one detail: after
making changes to any extension via FreePBX, like say adding or removing
"follow me" settings, changing the channel for an extension, activating
or deactivating voicemail, etc., ALL external incoming calls to ANY
extension (not just the modified ones) fail with an “extension
unavailable” voice message and a “No DID or CID Match” on the logs. All
internal calls keep working, only the external ones fail. Seems like if
the DIDs are somehow lost after a change.

A “restart” on the Asterisk CLI fixes the problem, so the DIDs are not
really lost from the config, only temporarily from the running context
or something.

Is this a known bug or “feature”? :wink: Any idea as to why this happens?
Anybody else has seen this behaviour?

Thanks in advance.


Vicente Aguilar [email protected]
Departamento de Sistemas
Tlf.: 965 98 71 92

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