[Amportal-users] I can't record calls


I’m new to this list (and to asterisk)
I installed asterisk at my office and everything it’s working just
fine, but I’m not able to record calls.
This is what I did (thanks to the guys at #freepbx that give me a hand)

  1. create the file globals_custom.conf with the following content:

  2. add “#include globals_custom.conf” in the file extensions_additional.conf

  3. add “automon => *1” in features.conf

  4. In general options, set “Asterisk Dial command options” to trwW

When i try to do *1 i get this error in the file /var/log/asterisk/full

channel.c: Got DTMF on channel (SIP/163-97b6)
channel.c: Bridge stops bridgind channels SIP/192-b3c2 and SIP/163-97b6
res_features.c: Timed out for feature!

Any help would be appreciated

Sebastian Gil

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