[Amportal-users] How to restrict certain extensions to local


Can this be done from inside the free-PBX administrator? What’s odd is
that my zapata.conf has the context listed as ‘from-zaptel’ (I
understand that this is interchangeable with from-pstn - I set them to
from-zaptel since this is required if using the zap channel to identify
inbound routes) for fxs signaling. I all also have one fxo using a
context of ‘local’ and one fxo with a context of ‘longdistance’. All of
my SIP extensions have the context ‘from-internal’. I have one Zap
extension that has the context listed as ‘local’. I have an outbound
route called ‘local’ that has a local dial pattern only and I have a
outbound route called ‘longdistance’ that has both a local and long
distance dial pattern. Before FreePBX all of my sip extensions were part
of the longdistance context except for one that had a local context. I
also had on fxo port that was limited to local calls and one that was
limited to longdistance. I have no context called ‘outbound-allroutes’.


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