[Amportal-users] Distinctive Ring

I thought I’d pass on the lessons learned on passing a distinctive
ring to an extension connected via a PAP2T while staying within FreePBX.

I wanted to announce a particular DID with a distinctive ring after
the incoming call had been processed by a custom extension that
evaluated the CID, then sent the caller on to one of two IVRs if the
caller chose an option that rang that one extension. Is this a work
call or personal?

Inserting the desired code in Alert Info in the Incoming Route while
the destination is set to a Custom App does not work.

Inserting the code in the Extension with the DID number also entered,
overrides the setting in Incoming Routes, and sends all calls
directly to the extension, ringing the distinctive ring, but
bypassing the custom app.

The solution is to create a Ring Group consisting of 1 extension,
then going to the IVR that is used and change the target for the
extension from Core to the new Ring Group.

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