[Amportal-users] CallerID issue when caller's ID is unavaila


I’m trying to configure my FreePBX (v2.2beta3) and Asterisk (v1.2.13)
callerid so that when a call comes in the CallerID name field is
rewritten with a message on the phones in the ring group. I’ve done
this with a (simple) customisation in extensions_custom.conf. It looks
like this:

exten => s,1,Set(CALLERID(name)=Test Call)
exten => s,2,Goto(ext-group,3,1)

Now, this works perfectly for a call which has callerID information
available; the phones in the ring group display ‘Test Call’, ‘123456’.
However, when a call comes in with no callerid available the phones
display ‘Unknown’, ‘Unknown’.

I’ve tried putting Noop commands into the dialplan right up to the Dial
command just after dialparties.agi exits - the callerID correctly reads
’Test Call’, ‘’ right the way through the dialplan in the log. I know
that it must be something to do with Asterisk or FreePBX, though,
because capturing the SIP INVITE packets being sent to the phone contain
the strings ‘Unknown’ and ‘Unknown’ for the caller name and number.

Can anyone explain to me where I’m going wrong?


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