[Amportal-users] Asterisk and Fax and Modem - Passthrough


I have an machine that runs Asterisk (with FreePBX of course). Let’s call it X.  I have an digital card with 2 E1 Ports. One port is connected directly to the TelCo and the second prot is connected to other PBX, Let’s call it Y. Originally the Y was connected directly to the TelCo and X was installed in order to extend Y’s capabilities. When there is an incoming call that should be delivered to and extension of Y, X bridges the call between the ports. Everything is working great, until it comes to faxes and modems.

Faxes seem to pass from time to time (incoming and outgoing), but act inconsistently. Modem sessions don’t work at all. Both the fax and the modem extension are connected to Y. If I disconnect the TelCo line from X and connect it back to Y (as it was connected before), everything works perfectly.

Echo cancellation is turned on, but the option of echocancelwhenbridged is disabled.

Theoretically, it should work the same way it worked before?

[list=1][]Does anyone has a reasonable explanation to the problem? []Does anyone has a solution to the problem?[*]Do I need to install spandsp for this option to work correctly?

Andrey Stolyarenko

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I’m looking for something fairly similar - how I can connect an Ascend V.92 RAS to the 2nd T1 port on the Asterisk server and pass through a particular DID to the RAS.