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Hi all,

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I got a bug report from a user which complains that his SIP phones did
not get voicemail indications. We had another report which claims that
the Zaptel auto configurated phones had the same problem.

In both times the problem was that the context defined for those devices
was “device”. While the voicemail.con generated by AMP (and also FreePBX
2.1.1) puts those devices under “default”. This works because of update
default_devices_users.php from 1.0.009-beta2:

    foreach($devresults as $dev) {

            //voicemail symlink
            exec("rm -f /var/spool/asterisk/voicemail/device/".$id);
            exec("/bin/ln -s

exec(“chown asterisk:asterisk

I would like to know what purpose does it serve. Why we cannot just
modify functions.php to generate all SIP (IAX,ZAP whatever) extensions
to work on the default context? or modifying the default context defined
at voicemail.conf.

IMHO, having those links is plain stupid.

  • diego

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