[Amportal-devel] Tracker items - version 2.2


Myself and tuck3r have, over the past few been through the various
trackers logged on Trac and tried update where possible issues now
resolved and added notes where more information is required.

I’ve entered some general ideas for development onto the Milestone for 2.2
(see the Roadmap – http://www.freepbx.org/roadmap). I’ve based these on
the general theme/common requests from the Feature Requests logged as well
as some ideas that I know Rob wants in for 2.2.

One general theme I haven’t included as yet is the ability to
allow/restrict access by extension, mainly as I think there is probably
enough work involved with the items I’ve already marked up for 2.2 and
that could potential be a lot of additional work. I know Rob is keen on
releasing more frequently and so with this in mind I’ve NOT put these down
for 2.2. What do you think Rob???

This is by no means complete I’m sure but it’s a start towards planning
version 2.2 development I feel.

I’ve also updated the development wiki page to create the various areas
that will require discussion before major work is started on 2.2, some of
which have already been started by philippel.

No doubt there will be some other areas that people feel are important for

I’ve also started a new wiki page detailed what/where changes some be
committed in respect of a ‘bug fix’ release, I could do with a hand
finishing that off thou from one of the other developers.


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