[Amportal-devel] [FreePBX] #736: Check for selinux and warn

#736: Check for selinux and warn
Reporter: p_lindheimer | Owner:
Type: Feature Requests | Status: new
Priority: 5 | Milestone: 2.1
Component: Web interface | Version: 2.1
Keywords: selinux |
Many people are running into silent and semi-silent errors when selinux is
not disabled (CentOS 4.3). Freepbx isn’t doing a great job with the error
message. It may be a good idea to check if selinux not disabled at some
point. As a minimum, during install with an install failure and good
message. In addition, maybe even during the submit/reload phase with an
appropirate error. This would be an easy ‘fix’ to add as an enhancement
and we could probably do it in this release thus I’ll target it for 2.1
for now (but should probably be back-ported?)

Ticket URL: http://www.freepbx.org/ticket/736
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